Richest Country in the World The Richest Country in the World is Qatar. It has a GDP of $105,091.42 in 2013.
GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product per capita.
The Gross Domestic Product is the sum market value of all the services
and goods that are produced in a particular year in country.

Capital: Doha
Dialing code: 974
Currency: Qatari riyal
Population: 2.051 million (2012) World Bank
Prime minister: Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani
Government: Emirate, Monarchy, Absolute monarchy

Qatar is a Muslim country located in Western Asia.
Its official language is Arabic. It remains the richest country in the world in 2012 and 2013.
Still no country is close to the GDP of  Qatar in near future.

Qatar is a oil rich country with an abundance of natural resources,suchas natural gas.

Qatar maintains a modest military force of approximately 11,800 men, including an army (8,500), navy (1,800) and air force (1,500). In 2008 Qatar spent US$2.355 billion on military expenditures, 2.3% of the gross domestic product.